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Available Remnant Specimens

Accio-V Biobank Online is delighted to offer remnant samples from the following vet profiles

Please note that these are veterinary clinical remnant samples, made available with only basic data and without research consent being sought from the guardian of the animal patients whose remnant biosamples are being made available.

These remnants would otherwise be discarded as clinical waste, and as such represent a clinically relevant, ethical route to obtaining biospecimens for basic research, diagnostic valuation or other research purposes that does not involve using lab animals.

Please contact us if you do not see the specimens you are looking for and we will endeavor to source them for you.
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Please note that we are not a veterinary practice. We do not offer any profiles or treatments ourselves. If you have any concerns about an animal, please contact your own veterinary professional immediately as we can not offer any advice.

We work by partnering with laboratories and veterinarians who are happy to see biosamples that would otherwise go to waste being put to great use in research to help animals in the future. If you are interested in partnering with us to put your remnant diagnostic samples or surplus surgical specimens to good use, rather than being incinerated as biomedical waste, please contact us.

We also provide human specimens, both inventoried and prospective, including biofluids and tissues. Please see or email for further details.